Words written by and/or about Bri LeRose can be found in the following places: 

Published Work

Click here to buy Bri's work on Amazon.


Personal Essays

Click here for Bri's writing on The Toast. 

Click here for articles on Thought Catalogue. 


Podcast Appearances

Bri was a guest on Molly McAleer's delightful Plz Advise podcast. Listen here. 

She also got to talk Golden Girls on the excellent Thank You For Being a Podcast. That's here. 


Bri's Blogs

Click here for the website Okay Good--a collection of good news and stories of people being decent to each other.

Click here for a whole bunch of weird shit on tumblr that Bri wrote in her former lifetimes. 


Beamly Articles

Bri served as a contributing author at Beamly, where she covered "The Voice" and "RuPaul's Drag Race," because she has eclectic and refined tastes. 

Click here for articles on The Voice. 

Click here for articles on Drag Race. 


BC Heights Article on Bri

Click here if you want to laugh at a younger, more naive version of Bri.