Bri LeRose is an LA writer/comedian. She used to be a St. Louis teacher/grad student, and before that she was a Boston undergrad/filmmaker. Before THAT she was a Wisconsin kid/asshole/fetus. 

She can be seen in both seasons of the Netflix series "Lady Dynamite," produced by Pam Brady, Maria Bamford, and Mitch Hurwitz.  She wrote additional material for that series as well as for YouTube's first original series, "Part Timers."  She is currently a co-producer on Season 5 of beloved comedy series "Arrested Development."

Bri has been recognized by the Sundance Episodic Lab, TBS’s Rooftop College Comedy Contest, and the Boston College Arts Council Award for her work in screenwriting and comedy. She has headlined at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles and has featured for comedian Maria Bamford. 

Bri's writing has appeared on The Toast, MTV, and has been published in several books for the Hal Leonard Applause Series. She also cross-stitched some famous historical women that appear in this book, but that’s kind of a different skillset that may or may not be useful to you.